How To Make Money From eBay

The site eBay is an American e-commerce site and a multinational corporation that provides multiple target services like consumer to consumer and business to consumer. In other words, it is an e-commerce platform where an individual can sell something to another and a seller can also do so to a buyer. EBay is a good source to make some quick money against other routine conventional forms of earning money. EBay is the place where one person’s trash is another’s treasure!

But to be able to earn from eBay, there are some steps you have to follow:

1. Create an account:

Irrespective of being a seller or a buyer, the account you open on eBay is free. Adjoining to this, the account will allow you to function as both a seller and a buyer. The account will allow you to send and receive emails, bid on products and also track auctions.

2. Your store design:

As a seller, eBay also allows you to have an online section of your own, which is your store that you can design according to your preference. How you design your store will also play an important role in attracting interested buyers.

3. Selling unique things:

The one kind of product that the eBay community happens to appreciate the most is vintage. If you happen to have a unique collection of vintage things, upload clear pictures of them and use it as your store USP.

4. Using Auctions:

On eBay, the most commonly suggested recommendation is that of an auction. Time your auctions during traffic friendly hours so that it receives a good amount of views. The last minute bids from people can also increase the price. But doing so during unfriendly hours would only pull your sale down. If you manage to close your auction during sociable hours it will help you gain 20% more profit than otherwise.

5. Sell Handmade Items:

Most handmade products are uniquely designed and made and hence there is always a large demand for handmade products. The profits that you will attain from making and selling handmade things would always be higher than other products because your initial investment will be relatively low. But the items you sell will be relatively higher in their price (obviously because of the labor that goes into making the handmade things). Handmade jewellery and clothes are very well appreciated on eBay.

6. Art pieces:

If you happen to be crafty and artsy, eBay is the fastest and the easiest source of quick money. Make standard sized paintings that can sell easy. Along with this you can also make showpieces to decorate room interiors with, like lamps and stands. Custom designed wallpapers and photo prints also work very well on eBay.

The biggest advantage with eBay is that it allows you to be creative. Once you know your way around the site and understand what sells, there are quite a few ways to make money. You could also try reaching out to international buyers, which would expand your market and reach. Understanding what many of these buyers are looking for is also crucially important because only then would you be able work according to their needs.

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